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    High Fashion Trend 2014: Edun – No or Go?

    Dezember 19th, 2014

    Edun designer Danielle Sherman doesn’t talk about clothes in a sweeping way. It’s all about the individual techniques. What do you think – No or GO for this outfit?

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    Latest Fashion News: The reason why Germany still doesn’t have significant international fashion influence

    Dezember 17th, 2014

    The biggest question is, why? Why does Germany still not have significant influence in international fashion? Economy-wise the country is healthy and Europe’s biggest consumer of apparel and footwear, according to Euromonitor. And Germany also has well-known luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Escada and Jil Sander. And yet, they still don’t have that much influence in fashion internationally. Compared to cities like Paris, Milan, London and New York, which are globally recognized in the fashion industry, the same cannot be said of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Duesseldorf. Kai Margrander, fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar Germany stated that “Germany’s discovery for talented fashion workers like fashion designers or photographers for instant, is not very high since they tend to leave the country for a more inspiring environment like Paris, London or New York to gain international success”. The majority prefers to rather be unsuccessful on an international stage as to compete with no real competition.

    Is Germany’s historical background still cause and effect of their international fashion success?

    The lack of Germany’s fashion influence can be linked to the country’s fragmented political history. Not only has the country repeatedly been destroyed in many German cities and put back together again during the War but also after World War II, Germany spent the better part of the second half of the twentieth century divided into two different economic and political systems. According to Kai Margrander, the destruction that complies with the country’s history is, in part, responsible for the absence of a German fashion principle.

    A huge part is certainly also the Nazi reign. Before 1933, Berlin indeed was one of the major fashion capitals in the world. Its wild and well-known party and nightlife scene was “the” international stage for fashion enthusiasts of the time. “But all this was destroyed by the Nazis. Jewish businesses were shut down or forced out of the country; the liberal-minded creative and intellectual elite subdued or expelled” explained Margrander. He continued “the country is still recovering from this massive cultural loss and wounds today.”

    The main reason why Germany is not globally recognized in international fashion

    I personally think, when you strip down everything what was going on in the past to just the simple fact of being a German per se, the main reason why Germany has such a small international fashion influence is because the majority love to dress conservatively. The hesitation to show off and rather go for “safer stuff” in order to not attract to much attention is an additional fact. Keeping a low profile with almost no fashion understatement doesn’t stand out and is boring. Fashion simply does not run in Germany’s blood in the way that it runs in the blood of the French and the Italians. It is said and known that Germans spend their money rather on cars than on couture. Which is quite interesting but I guess somewhat true.

    Jil Sander Fall 2014 RTWJil Sander Fall 2014 RTWJil Sander Fall 2014 RTWJil Sander Fall 2014 RTWHugo Boss Pre-Fall 2015 RTWHugo Boss Pre-Fall 2015 RTWHugo Boss Pre-Fall 2015 RTWHugo Boss Pre-Fall 2015 RTWEscada Pre-Fall 2015 RTWEscada Pre-Fall 2015 RTWEscada Pre-Fall 2015 RTWEscada Pre-Fall 2015 RTWEscada Pre-Fall 2015 RTW
    BOLD: Quality // Accuracy // Reliability // OLD: Simplicity // To little fashion understatement // Too conservative


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    Fashion Style Tip: Crystal clear?

    Dezember 15th, 2014

    Ladies, new year’s eve is around the corner. Do you already know what you’re going to wear? Here is a dazzling choice any way you wear them, these crystal-laden ankle boots by Giuseppe Zanotti add a glamorous finish to every outfit. Team them with a biker jacket, a silk tee and micro-mini for a casual, sexy-cool night out.

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    The Top 6 Fashion Add Ons

    Dezember 12th, 2014

    Add ons are probably as much as important as the fabric itself to design a new piece in fashion. But what exactly are add ons? We’ll give you 6 examples with a short description.

    In case you are missing one of your favorites or would love to dive deeper into the realm of fashion add ons a bit deeper, check out FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary. Our very own iPhone Fashion App lists all notable fashion add ons in great detail.

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    A button is a type of closure that is used on garments, bags and luggage and consists of a small knob or plate that is passed through a button hole or loop to attach two pieces of fabric to each other. Buttons have been found that date back to the Indus Valley Civilization 2800 BCE and they have been used ever since. The first buttons were used more as decoration than as closure but the first functional buttons with buttonholes were made in the 13th century in Germany and became popular throughout Europe in the following decades especially for tight fitting clothing. Buttons can be very simple or very complicated with little painting, designs or even embroidery and can be made out of a variety of materials.


    Crystals are gem-stones that are used to decorate and add on to garments. Examples for crystals are glass or diamonds. Polished the right way they can look expensive and add a shining effect to a garment. Crystals can differ from very cheap glass crystals to highly expensive diamonds.


    A feather is a light growth that forms the plumage and covers the body of birds. Feathers are considered the most complex form of protection found on an animal known to humans. Feathers have warming and water proof attributes and keep animas warm in cold environments. Also they are used by animals for communication, mating rules or as protection against predators and can be found in many different colors. Feathers have been used by humans for the longest time for their softness, interesting colors and warmth. They are used for decoration or as the filling of jackets and coats. In the 18th century extravagant headpieces for women that incorporated feathers were very popular and a sign of wealth. Feathers can be dyed and manipulated and are therefore still very popular in fashion.


    A pearl is a round hard object made produced in the shell of a living clam or mollusc. Pearls exist in many different shapes and are rarely round and smooth, in which case they are valuable and for their shininess and beauty are considered gem-stones and have been used in jewellery and as add-ons on garments for many years. Pearls can also be produced synthetically, which reduces their worth and makes them a suitable substitute as decoration or for more affordable jewelry.


    A zipper is a closure that is used for clothing, bags and luggage and consists of two parallel rows of metal or plastic ‘teeth’ that interlock when sliding a Y-shaped tab along the two rows and is a safe and easy way to bind two pieces of fabric. The first effective zipper was made by the American mechanical engineer Whitcomp L. Judsonin in 1893 and was called a clasp locker. Zippers only became popular in the 1930s when they were advertised for as a safe and easy way for kids to dress themselves. In 1937, French designers started using zippers instead of buttons in the fly of trousers. Around this time Esquire declared zippers the newest tailoring idea for men. Now zippers are very popular in fashion and can be functional or decorative. There are many different kinds of zippers such as ‘coil zippers‘, ‘invisible zippers‘ ‘open/closed zippers’.

    6_Shoulder Pad

    A shoulder pad is a pad that is worked into a garment to raise and enhance the shape of the shoulder and the all over shape of the upper body. Shoulder pads give the illusion of broader, less sloping shoulders and make the wearer look more powerful. They first appeared in women’s fashion in the 1930s when Elsa Schiarpelli started using them for her designs and soon gained popularity after movie stars such as Joan Crawford started wearing them. Shoulder pads have been popular in men’s fashion for a long time but have gone in and out of style and have been popular in different shapes for women since first worn n the 1930s.

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    Fashion Accessory: Sophie Hulme Chain Tote

    Dezember 9th, 2014

    Perfectly formed and packed with attitude, this chain-laden tote from Sophie Hulme features bold metal hardware and a convertible carrying option. Accessorize your bag with everything from casual separates to cheeky cocktail dresses.

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    Fashion Style Tip: Up in the Air

    Dezember 4th, 2014

    Perfect for pairing with midi-length hemlines, these supple over-the-knee boots by Sergio Rossi are a lux take on this trend-right autumn silhouette. Accessorize yours with a sweater dress and opaque tights for an unforgettable, casual look.

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