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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #66 – Vanessa

    April 26th, 2013

    I caught Vanessa coming out of the Stella McCartney store on Greene Street in Soho in midst of a shopping spree. The fashion stylist from New York was wearing a Proenza Schouler coat and sweater paired with a skirt and some beautiful boot heels by Tyler Fitzsimmons. The part of her outfit, that couldn’t have been missed though was Vanessa’s handbag – a unique piece from the pre-fall 2012 Dolce & Gabbana collection. It’s combination of floral print, black leather and gold looked stunning and caught the attention of many fellow shoppers, me included.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #65 – Jenette

    April 19th, 2013

    Jenette is an aspiring photographer from the Ukraine. She moved to New York three months ago with a friend to further her photography career. When I met her she was wearing a round neck top coat from COS (Collection of Style) belted over an amazing vintage tuxedo shirt she found at a thrift shop, creating a beautiful feminine silhouette. Further she was wearing a pair of ankle boots from All Saints and finished off her look with a handbag from ASOS, vintage sunglasses and a COS necklace. All together a beautiful look with an east European feeling to it.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #64 – Natalie

    April 12th, 2013

    Natalie’s outfit seemed rather simple when I first saw her walking past the window of my favorite Starbucks, but it caught my attention and proved to be very well thought through. The NYU student was wearing a quilted leather jacket from All Saints over a flannel shirt she got from her sister and a Zadig & Voltaire t-shirt. From the waist down she was dressed in Topshop jeans and ankle boots. The highlight of Natalie’s outfit had to be the little vintage Chanel purse she got from her mother. With the brand’s typical quilted stitching and a golden ball charm a beautiful vintage piece to finish off her rocker-chic look.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #63 – Sasha Maxwell

    April 5th, 2013

    Sasha was our lady in pink. As you can see she loves that color and so do we. The visitor from Amsterdam was wearing a pink vest on top of a black jacket, pink stockings on top of black leggings, a beautiful black fur scarf and a cool sunglasses by sony.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #61 – Rosie Kenworthy

    März 26th, 2013

    Rosie’s floppy bordeaux French Connection hat was the first thing to catch my attention. She was shopping in the Brooklyn Fox boutique in Williamsburg with two of her friends from London. When she came out of the boutique I got to see the rest of her outfit. Rosie was wearing a big faux fur leopard print jacket with a dress and studded boots all by Topshop and a tweed jacket from Zara. The best part of Rosie’s outfit had to be her handbag though. A beautiful little Love Heart Handbag by Vivienne Westwood. Thank you Rosie for bringing some London style to New York.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #59 – Misselle Tai

    März 20th, 2013

    Misselle was on her way to business school, when I stopped her in Williamsburg. She was wearing a Comptoir des Cotonniers camel hair coat with matching Lauern Conrad pants a Club Monaco blouse and a Johnstons of Scotland scarf. She topped off the look with a beautiful pair of Reed Krakoff pumps and a Bordeaux Gym Bag also by Reed Krakoff. The most stunning peace though was hidden under her scarf – a beautiful vintage Coach necklace. I just love Misselles elegant business style and the color mix of camel, black and a pop of bordeaux. The perfect look for a merchandising manager.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #55 – Jennifer

    März 1st, 2013

    Jennifer used the first warm day after a week of cold wind in New York City to go shopping and show her sense of fashion on the streets of Soho. She put together an androgynous look with a button down white shirt from Topman and a grey overall from Topshop. She finished off the look with the feminine touch of a black Ferrari bag.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #52 – Stephanie Mejia

    Februar 19th, 2013

    Stephanie popped out of the crowd wearing a bright blue felt fedora. Smoking her cigarette on the corner she reminded me of an elegant secret agent, watching the people pass. She was wearing a big, black coat, cool haram pants and some ankle boots with gold buckles and studs. The eye catching furry handbag completes the fashion designers look. Check out her designs on her website

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #49 – Megan McCormick

    Februar 8th, 2013

    As Anna Wintour sais, “there is always a way to wear fur”. And Megan found a great way to pull off her striking Urban faux-fur bright red jacket. Paired with a pair of grey bullhead denim jeans, some patent leather Doc Martens and a matching Zara bag the LIM fashion student created an eye catching and stylish urban look.

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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #48 – Norsi

    Dezember 19th, 2012

    Norsi told us how a real Long Island girl dresses up. She looked stunning wearing a colorful jumpsuit from Madonna’s Material Girl collection. And have you seen her pink sandals? Absolutely two thumbs up for that girl!

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