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    Fashion Backstage: Speaking Fashion with Fiona Paxton

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    speakfashion: Fiona, you are quite a newbie in the field of jewelry design. What took you so long to find this passion and step into the business?

    Fiona Paxton: Yes it’s strange. Over the years I became inspired more by accessories and realized there was no jewelry on the market that I wanted to really buy, so I decided to try and fill that gap.

    speakfashion: Why jewelry?

    Fiona Paxton: It is something anyone can wear, any age, any size and it always makes you feel good.

    speakfashion: Before you established your own brand you’d worked for widely known garment designers – what’s the biggest difference between designing garments and jewelry?

    Fiona Paxton: It is all about details. When I design jewelry I always think about what you would wear it with and the shape it makes on the body. In that way it is not so different. The biggest difference is in the materials though. Using hard metals and trying to get them to drape and be soft on the body is a completely other ballgame than working with smooth and soft fabrics.

    speakfashion: After you opened up your own design studio in 2008 your success quickly skyrocketed. What’s the secret behind your major success story?

    Fiona Paxton: I think it was the right time, the right product and the right place. I love ethnic and tribal designs and jewelry pieces that are made by hand. I guess that’s a passion lots of people share with me and therefore didn’t hesitate to buy into the concept. Individual, handcrafted designs become more and more a trend in a world, where anybody buys their coffee at Starbucks, gets their interior from IKEA and wears clothes from either H&M or Zara. In a globalized world, every so often we need something unique that makes our personality stand out of the crowd.

    Fiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion InterviewFiona Paxton - Fashion Interview

    speakfashion: We couldn’t agree more, Fiona. Since you mentioned H&M and Zara: do you think that fashion has become more tangible due to the fast fashion trend and if so, are accessory designers in general the main beneficiary of this development?

    Fiona Paxton: I hope that is true. I realize that more and more people spend their money on long lasting pieces of accessory rather than on short term fashion trends. On the other hand I’m also convinced, that the days of buying things and wearing them once have gone. Fast fashion definitely makes our products available to many people who didn’t have the possibility to shop for trends before. Nevertheless, I think cheap products that only buy into trend are not necessarily good on any level.

    speakfashion: We always try to advice our readers: In your professional opinion, what differentiates good designed jewelry from cheap junk?

    Fiona Paxton: I like all my pieces to drape and hang beautifully on the body so they are easy to wear and flattering. The length and the closures, the finish and the little details make all the difference. That’s something you have to keep in mind when buying accessories.

    speakfashion: That sounds plausible. And what kind of jewelry should definitely be part of every woman’s drawer?

    Fiona Paxton: Anything that makes you feel special when putting it on.

    speakfashion: What are the future plans for our brand?

    Fiona Paxton: To build on what we have developed, improving the trade mark styles and adding new and exciting materials but always abiding by the handmade philosophy and the unique identity of our pieces.

    speakfashion: Thanks Fiona and good luck for everything to come in the future.

    Catch up with Fiona Paxton
    Fiona Paxton – London Headquater
    Unit 224 Aberdeen Centre, 22-24 Highbury Grove,London

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