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    Fashion Backstage: Speaking Fashion with Toni Francesc

    speak fashion, fashion designer interview, Toni Francesc, New York Fashion Week, Ready to wear

    Speaking Fashion with Toni Francesc was brought to you

    Thumb through the Video
    Don’t have the time to see the entire interview? Just browse through. Below we emphasize the most remarkable quotes.

    ‘Before I create a new collection I have to feel its spirit from the bottom of my heart.’ [02:30]

    ‘I consider my style made for being worn on the street.’ [03:01]

    ‘I’m convinced that simplicity is in the beauty and therefore I look for the beauty in the simple.’ [04:43]

    ‘I was looking for a concept that would provide me with a smaller and more localized idea of the European Phoenix.’ [06:04]

    ‘In my mind everybody is able to change his own nature and state of mind at any given time.’ [07:00]

    ‘For any stage Garuda goes through I created a counterpart within my collection.’ [08:00]

    ‘Fashion design and therefore fashion designers are already somehow universal.’ [09:36]

    ‘Being a designer means to suffer and a global competition makes it even tougher.’ [11:38]

    ‘Therefore I think the only way to become successful is to work hard every day.’ [13:26]

    Catch up with Toni Francesc
    Toni Francesc – Barcelona Headquater

    Juli Galvé i Brusson, 9-11 // 08918 Barcelona, Spain

    P: +34 93 460 56 68 // Email to Isabel Muñoz

    W: // View it on google maps.

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    5 Kommentare zu “Fashion Backstage: Speaking Fashion with Toni Francesc”

    1. Mauren Hiller sagt:

      I love this video! I know Toni Francesc, I’ve seen his shows in New York the last couple of years. I’m a really big fan of his!!! Great that you translated the interview in English – smart

    2. Cristina Arestigi sagt:

      Love it! Unfortunately my englsich is not good but it was ok. Im spanish

    3. 安心 sagt:

      Dear speakfashion, i really like your video’s. Toni’s design looks interesting

    4. Diana Lopez sagt:

      His story is very impressing. I didn’t know anything about the Phoenix and that the designer is inspired by the rebirth of it… Pretty awesome

    5. Marie sagt:

      After reading this interview I thought it was very informative. Can’t believe Toni’s impressions comes from the Phoenix – I’ve never heard that before. Really cool story!