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    Fashion History

    • 2000-2010

      • Fashion History: The ‘Mash-Up’ Decade

        The so-called ‘mash-up’ decade got its name because it is the first decade that didn’t have a certain style for the most part. In the early 2000s fashion designers rather recycled already existing high-end fashion styles from the past decades and continued the minimalist look of the 1990s in a more polished way. Later on, designers began to adopt a more colorful, feminine, excessive, and ‘anti-modern’ look. Vintage and retro clothing, especially from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s became extremely popular and colors like baby blue, yellow and hot pink were very common. As women’s fashion moved away from the unisex styles of the 1990s, the very feminine and dressy styles were reintroduced in the early years of this decade. Women wore denim miniskirts and jackets, tank tops, flip-flops and ripped jeans. The men’s fashion in these years was more cool and sporty. Trainers, baseball caps, light-colored polo shirts and boot-cut jeans were pretty popular.

        Fashion in the mid and late 2000s

        In the mid 2000s women wore mostly low rise skinny jeans. Tunics were worn with wide or thin belts, longer tank tops with a main blouse or shirt, leggings, knee-high boots with pointed toes, capri pants, and vintage clothing. The men’s world in contrast was inspired by retro fashion from pop groups. Slim-fitting jeans were cutting edge, cartoon printed hoodies, Convers sneakers, mod-style parkas and military dress jackets were the essential fashion items for men back then. In the late 2000s, ballet flats, knitted sweater dresses, long shirts combined with a belt, leather jackets and fur coats made a comeback. Besides that the style of the 1950s and 1980s became very popular for men’s fashion. Black leather jackets, Ed Hardy T-shirts, motorcycle boots, knitted V-neck sweaters, cardigans and Ray Ban sunglasses made the guys look very casual and edgy at the same time. Business men didn’t wear the classic suits with a three-buttoned jacket anymore. They rather preferred a more offbeat two-buttoned blazer worn with a matching suit trouser, a slim tie and waistcoat. The tighter fitting clothes were born and equally popular for both genders. Watch Burberry's Digital Fashion Show 2011 in Beijing:

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