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    Fashion Style Tip: Redy to sneak away?

    With those red sneakers below you would be more than redy! The color is amazing! You can wear them anytime – whether combined with a cool denim look or together with a casual, chic suit. They are so catchy. The English fashion designer John Richmond is known for his edgy, fancy and especially catchy design which always has its own idea and some craziness in it. We really love him! Have a look at Richmond’s website.


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    4 Kommentare zu “Fashion Style Tip: Redy to sneak away?”

    1. Natasha sagt:

      Greetings! I really like your blog. Great sneakers! I also enjoy the dress-of-the-week-videos. Cheers! Natasha

    2. Darce Zyaluji sagt:

      A friend of mine told me about this sneakers. I love the style and the color. Please post more men’s stuff – thank you

    3. speakfashion sagt:

      Hi Darce, first of all say hi to your friend and thanks for sharing our post;-) Second of all – we promise to post more men’s fashion for you. Stay tuned.

    4. Marc Lindeberg sagt:

      Are you guys located in NY? I’m from Boston but I’m visiting NY very soon.Can’t wait to meet y!