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    Fashion Accessory: Men in red

    Hey gentlemen, did you know that a necktie is the most important and personal men’s accessory? It says something important about ‘him’ – at least Italian fashion designer Stefano Ricci claims that! If you put on one of his famous ties, especially this red satin tie below, you’ll be definitely unique and exclusive. Come on, I dare you!


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    5 Kommentare zu “Fashion Accessory: Men in red”

    1. Leonardo Caton sagt:

      Wow, I really like this tie!!!! It’s amazing! Stefano Ricci is my favorite designer

    2. Stephan Holly sagt:

      I would wear this tie to any occasion, I like it!

    3. Seth Winzler sagt:

      Nice tie!

    4. Pia Partolis sagt:

      I like the color of this tie, it looks so vivid.

    5. Blake Kent sagt:

      I also like the color!