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    Fashion Styleguide: Quick dresser

    Let me guess – you love to dress very casual, timeless and sporty at the same time? Your closet must be full with classic Jeans, Shorts, Bermudas and T-Shirts, am I right? If so, there is no doubt about it – you are a born ‘Casualisto’ guy and no one would fit better in our last styleguide chapter than you. Welcome!

    We already know that our Casualisto’s are fast shoppers and that’s why we want to lead you quickly through the following styleguide.

    A squared, wrinkled, casual dress shirt would be a good fit on top of a skinny blue-washed jeans. The good thing is you don’t need that much imagination for this kind of outfit and you look exactly how you want to look like – easy going, very casual and most important quickly dressed! And by the way do the boots above look familiar to you? Remember our November 2010 Allsaint boots fashion style tip? Yes, we would definitely combine these boots with the rest of the outfit – they fit perfectly to the dress shirt, don’t you think?

    This outfit piece by piece:

    #1 – J. Campbell Crinkled Plaid Shirt – $43.90
    #2 – ASOS Light Wash Skinny Jeans – $31.00
    #3 – Spire Boot – $220.00

    More about the ‘Spire Boot’ can be also found here in one of our prior Fashion Style Tip posts.


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