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    Fashion Styleguide: The bombshell has been dropped

    I like men with balls. Guy’s who have the guts to step out of the box and go for edgy outfits. Dude’s who are widely known role models within their peer group. Poser’s who strike you down with their fashionable appearance. In short: Male Bombshells. But since I know about the prudish attitude in this country let’s give them a more neutral name. Let’s call them ‘Stilisto’s’.

    So whether you are already a Stilisto, or you are working on becoming one, the following ‘styleguide’ will give you some inspiration you might haven’t thought of yet. Since I’m talking here to all of you advanced Stilisto’s I don’t want to waste my time starting from the scratch. It’s obvious that you have a black or grey washed skinny jeans sitting somewhere in your closet. Use them as the base of this outfit and combine it with sneakers that resemble the one displayed in the picture below.

    Next: Throw on either a long-sleeve shirt or a T-Shirt and combine it with a grey vest. If you go with a long-sleeve shirt or T-Shirt underneath the vest, please don’t button up the vest. It has to be open for this kind of casual style. If you want this outfit to be pumped up combine it with a black or white button down shirt. In this case you should close up the vest though.

    To make your stylish appearance more interesting team up this outfit with a hat and shoulder bag. If you’d like to add more accessories I’d recommend a nice wrist-watch with a dark leather band. A fancy black belt would be also a win for this style. But watch out: You have to remember that either the accessories or the bag has to resemble the color of your boots. Oh and guy’s, don’t forget the sexy slim tie which is definitely an eye-catcher within this combination. The tie would work either way with the casual shirt-style or the more formal button down shirt style.

    That’s it for today. Oh and please let me know if you can feel your balls while wearing this outfit. I’m curious to hear all your stories soon. Stay dry.

    This outfit piece by piece:

    #1 – ASOS Jersey Vest – $35.00
    #2 – ASOS Slim Tie – $10.34
    #3 – Fedora Hat – $9.99
    #4 – Fred Perry Shoulder Bag – $60.34
    #5 – ALDO Go Down Sneakers – $75.00


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