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    Acne Studios

    Acne Studios, Swedish fashion label, founded 1997 by Jonny Johansson in Stockholm. Acne Studios started out as a part of the creative collective ACNE which worked in film, graphic design, production and advertising in Stockholm. One of the co-founders Jonny Johansson decided to test a limited amount of raw denim jeans by giving them away to friends and family and thereby was discovered by the important fashion magazines Wallpaper and Vogue Paris, as the jeans had rapidly gained a large quantity of fans. Johansson continued to expand the brand and in 2006 separated from ACNE to become Acne Studios. By then he and his brand had become known for tailored ready-to-wear in combination with graphic design and a use of new and innovative fabric combinations. Acne Studios also produces furniture, magazines, books and exhibitions and has expanded internationally with stores in all relevant fashion capitals.

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