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    Anne Fogarty

    Anne Fogarty, American fashion designer, lived from 1919 to 1980. Fogarty started her design career in New York working as a model for the dressmaker Harvey Berin, who offered to train her as a dressmaker. Later she worked for Sheila Lynn and other fashion houses before getting a job at the Youth Guild that makes teenage dresses. Here she developed her Dior-inspired signature look of a full skirted dress worn over petticoats, later known as the paper doll silhouette, which had not been fashionable since the Edwardian Era. Later after Fogarty got a job at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she also started designing fitted sheath dresses with narrow waists and A-Line dresses continuing to use solid colors and her favorite fabric Velveteen as she did for her paper doll dresses. Anne Fogarty wanted to create lady-like designs, accessible to the American woman with limited income and also published a style manual for wife-dressing.

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