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    Bohemian Style

    The ‘Bohemian style’ or ‘Boho look‘ is inspired by the hippie styles of the mid 1960s. Today it basically refers to an unconventional lifestyle where fashion is being used to show ones differentiates. After its first appearance in the 60s, the ‘Bohemian style’ was on and off again during the decades and became extremely popular in the mid 2000s, when model Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller brought it up into the spotlight again. Main elements of the modern, 21st century ‘Bohemian style’ are short floaty skirts in vivid colors and tops with gaudy embellishments such as fur. Historically, the ‘Bohemian style’ reflected a person who didn’t care to look fashionable at all. The original bohemians were mostly refugees from central Europe where the French term “bohémien” means ‘gypsy’.

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