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    Bonnie Cashin

    Bonnie Cashin, American Fashion Designer, born 1908 in Oakland, died 2000 in New York. Cashin started her career designing costumes for chorus girls in Los Angeles and later moving on to design for the Roxyettes in New York. Here she continued to work for the coat and suit manufacturer Adler & Adler with which she was awarded the American Designers Coty Award. This motivated Cashin to open her own studio Bonnie Cashin Designs, where she created designs for the modern, strong and independent woman, offering comfortable utilitarian designs during a time when womens fashion was extremely feminine. In doing this, Cashin became one of the most influential and commercially successful designers of the 20th century, introducing layering and industrial closures to fashion, forming  womenswear permanently. In 1963, Cashin was the founding designer of the famous brand Coach. Cashin was best known for her functional designs including ponchos, tunics and kimonos and for sculpting high quality luxurious materials into fashion.

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