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    David Evins

    David Evins, New York-based shoe designer, lived from 1909 to 1987. Evins opened his design studio in 1947 together with his brother Lee, who remained a partner until Evin’s death in 1987. Evins was most famous for his elegant pumps that had become fashionable in the early 1950′s. In contradiction to most fashion careers, Evins had never planned on being a fashion designer in the first place. His career started rather accidentally. As the story goes, Evins was working on an illustration of shoes in his day job as an illustrator for Vogue Magazine back in 1945, when he told his chief editor, that he didn’t like the style of a particular pair of shoes he he was working on. Obviously, Evins got fired but realized then, that his passion was really in designing shoes. Two years later, after he had been working as a pattern maker for different manufacturers in the city, Evins opened his own shoe factory in New York and remained a successful shoe designer until his death in the late 1980s.

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