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    Emilio Pucci

    Emilio Pucci, Italian fashion designer, lived from 1914 to 1992 in Florence, Italy. The young designer started his fashion career almost accidentally by designing a ski suit for a female friend in 1947. The suit sparked the interest of a photographer working for Harper’s Bazaar. A year later, the fashion magazine ran a story on a complete skiing outfit designed by Pucci which culminated in several job offers from American manufacturers. Pucci skillfully experimented with stretch fabrics, an approach that wasn’t known to a broader public back than which brought him international recognition. Pucci used his knowledge of stretch fabrics again in 1949, when he started off producing his first swimwear line. Shortly after that, the brick-and-mortar retailer Neiman Marcus convinced him to transfer his knowledge into a creation of wrinkle-free clothes such as blouses and printed silk dresses which Pucci agreed on. Another step to success for the young designer. By the mid 1950s, Pucci had already gained huge international attention which led him into several other job offers. In 1968 he designed seven different outfits for the stewardesses of ‘Barniff’, an American airline that later on went out of business. He also was the creative mind of the mission patch the Apollo 15 astronauts were wearing during their voyage in 1971. Today the fashion label is widely known for its geometric prints and vivid colors. As of 2000, the brand is part of the multilable conglomerate ‘LVMH‘.

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