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    Hamnett, Katherine

    Katherine Hamnett, British Fashion Designer, born 1947 in Gravesend. After studying fashion design at the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London, Hamnett started her career in fashion founding the label Tuttabankem with Anne Buck in 1969, which was presented in London and Paris. After gaining international recognition Hamnett continued to founding her own brand „Katherine Hamnett“ which offered mens- and womenswear. She became especially well known for her political and social involvement. Hamnett designed various slogan t-shirts to spread her message. During a meeting with the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher she wore one of her designs with a political message and created great publicity around her brand. Musical artists such as Wham!, Madonna and Mick Jagger wearing her designs also helped Hamnett gain popularity. Hamnett is not only known for her slogan shirts, but also for introducing worn and torn jeans to the runway, popularizing the military look and for her colorful floral and graphic prints. She uses organic cotton and up-cycled materials in her fashion. She has received various fashion design awards including the BFC Designer of the Year Award in 1984.

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