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    Handbag is another name for a woman’s purse that is either held in the hand or hung from the shoulder on a strap. Handbags are medium to large and are used for carrying around small personal belongings such as wallet, keys, phone and cosmetics. The name ‘handbag’ was first used in the 1900s men’s luggage after women’s purses had become popular as a fashion item. In the 17th century girls started making their own purses for carrying coins and were made of soft fabric or leather. After the industrial revolution when traveling in trains became more common new kinds of baggage were needed for women to carry their necessaries. Wealthy men started requesting leather bags for their wives that would match their suitcases. H.J. Cave was the first designer to produce luxury handbags and soon all designers started featuring handbags in their collections which are now some of the best selling items for the brands.

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