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    House of Paquin

    House of Paquin, fashion house, founded by Jeanne Paquin in 1891. It was the first fashion house founded by a woman. Paquin, a French designer who was trained to be a dressmaker at the fashion house Rouff designs 18th century inspired pastel evening gowns and day dresses which the Maison Paquin becomes famous for. She also started organizing fashion events for the Maison Paquin such as races and operas. In 1920, Paquin left the fashion house and passed on the administration before the house closed down in 1956 due to financial difficulties. During it’s existence the fashion house grew to a very successful and the biggest fashion house in Paris, known for the vivid colors and extravagant furs Jeanne Paquin used, as well as luxurious lingerie and tango dresses.

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