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    McCardell, Claire

    Claire McCardell, American fashion designer, lived from 1905 to 1958. McCardell showed early interest in fashion sewing her own clothes as a teenager. Consequently, after finishing high school she moved to New York where she studied costume design and illustration at Parsons New School of Design. During her studies she spent some time in Paris, where she was very impressed by the designs of Madeleine Vionet whose fashion had great influence on McCardell’s designs. After graduating from Parsons McCardell started designing for Townley Frock Inc. where she became known to the public for her simple, practical and timeless yet fashionable sportswear for women, inspired by French couture. 1944, McCardell dresses her models at a fashion show in dresses and ballet slippers made out of the same fabric due to a shortage in leather after WWII, and hereby introduces ballerina shoes as shoes suitable for daily use. Claire McCardell was known as a designer that revolutionized American fashion and is the creator of the American look. Some of her most famous designs are the loose fitting, belted monastic dress, the diaper swim suit and separable tops and dresses for which she received many awards. She ran her namesake fashion label in Manhattan, New York, until her cancer related death in 1958. She also wrote the book “What shall I wear?” – a guide for womens dressing.

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