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    Paul Poiret

    Paul Poiret, French fashion designer, lived from 1879 to 1944. Poiret started in fashion as an umbrella maker. He designed his first clothes as a teenager by collecting the leftovers of the fabrics that were used to cut the umbrella patterns. Poiret sold his sketches to Madeleine Cheruit, a popular dressmaker at that time. She saw a talented young designer in Poiret and purchased a few of his sketches to sell them to Parisian couture houses, until the French designer was hired by Jacques Doucet in 1896. Poiret opened his own fashion house in 1904 and invented the controversial kimono coat. Known as the “King of Fashion” from 1904 to 1924, he also introduced the first outfit that women could put on without the extra help of their maid.


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