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    Whytes, lifestyle brand for men, founded in August 2015 by co-founders Nadia Botzenhard and Thomas Escher. The German start-up designs the perfect white T-Shirt for men. Over the course of 18 months the co-founders gathered feedback from a couple of hundred men, by asking them one simple question: “What does the perfect white T-Shirt look like for you?” They’ve tested as much as 22 fabrics and more than a dozen patterns until they came up with something they believe is the perfect white T-Shirt. Available in 10 different sizes and 2 shirt styles: V-Neck and Crew-Neck, the perfect white T-Shirt is “Made in Germany”. Nadia Botzenhard is a professional Fashion Designer. Having worked in New York City’s bustling fashion world for the last five years, she knows: it’s the basics in fashion that get the least design attention. She’s on board of whytes to change exactly that. Thomas Escher is an award-winning Information Architect who’s been developing digital products for over a decade. For the fashion enthusiast nothing is more sinister than poor quality and bad craftsmanship. He’s aboard to fight those demons.

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