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    A zipper is a closure that is used for clothing, bags and luggage and consists of two parallel rows of metal or plastic ‘teeth’ that interlock when sliding a Y-shaped tab along the two rows and is a safe and easy way to bind two pieces of fabric. The first effective zipper was made by the American mechanical engineer Whitcomp L. Judsonin in 1893 and was called a clasp locker. Zippers only became popular in the 1930s when they were advertised for as a safe and easy way for kids to dress themselves. In 1937, French designers started using zippers instead of buttons in the fly of trousers. Around this time Esquire declared zippers the newest tailoring idea for men. Now zippers are very popular in fashion and can be functional or decorative. There are many different kinds of zippers such as ‘coil zippers‘, ‘invisible zippers‘ ‘open/closed zippers’.

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