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    Fashion History Classics: Who invented the Capri Pants?

    The European fashion designer Sonja de Lennart invented the famous Capri pants in 1948. Well known as Capris, long or three-quarter shorts, they end below the knee and calf. The pants name comes from the Italian isle of Capri, where they rose to popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s. First only worn by women, they later became popular also with men in many countries, especially in Europe and Latin America. The American actress Grace Kelly was the first movie star who wore Capris.

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    Sonja de Lennart studied the skillful trade of tailoring and the customizing of garments after attending a business school in Breslau to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer. After World War II ended in 1945, de Lennart began to produce fashion wear and opened her first boutique, Salon Sonja in Munich, Germany. In that same year, she created a wide-swinging skirt with a wide belt, a blouse with three-quarter arms, and hat. Her design collection became known as the Capri Collection. Three years later when women were wearing the typical wide and rather masculine pants, de Lennart created the sexy tight three-quarter length Capri pants with the stylish short slit on the outer-side of the pant leg. The original classic Capri Pants were designed in specific lengths for winter and summer wear.

    De Lennart became one of the most innovative European fashion designers after World War II and was considered a leading pioneer of her time by major magazines. As a result there was almost no fashion designer who did not add Capri pants to their collection.

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