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    Fashion History Classics: Who invented the “New Look”?

    “I wanted my dresses be constructed, molded upon the curves of the feminine body, whose sweep they would stylize,” French fashion designer Christian Dior pointed out in his autobiography. Indeed, in the spring of 1947 this was Dior’s concept when he launched his incredible new women’s line collection “Corelle” which went down in fashion history as the “New Look”. The signature shape was characterized by a below-mid-calf length, sloping shoulders, full-skirts, full busts, full hips and tiny waists. It was Dior’s belief that women wanted something new after World War II after brutality and being mobilized during the war to work on farms and in factories while the men were away fighting. The French designer was convinced his “New Look” was absolutely appropriate for the post-war era. Women were expected to return to passive roles again as housewives and mothers, and leaving their jobs free for the returning soldiers. The good-humored, caring housewife who created a happy home for her husband and children, the so-called Dior’s “flower women” matched perfectly his “New Look”, that remembered a lot of the Belle Époque from the early 1900s.

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    The “New Look” became extremely popular and revolutionary which influenced fashion for many years to come. The European upper-class and prominences became Dior’s loyal clients and the once capital of the fashion world – Paris regained its esteemed position due to the attention it gained from Dior’s New Look.

    Watch the video from 1947 below to get an idea how beautiful Dior’s “New Look” dress looked like.

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