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    FAD: The ultimate Fashion Dictionary

    One day, in December last year, we came up with an idea: How cool would it be to carry all the knowledge you need about Fashion in your pocket? How awesome would it be to have a digital cheat sheet on everything fashion related no matter where you are? After a quick back and forth with our team we knew what to do. We wanted to invent the first comprehensive Fashion Dictionary available in the iTunes App store. And so we did. After six months of wire-framing, designing, coding and content tweaking we’ve recently launched our baby.

    How FAD works

    We call it FAD – which is not only an acronym for the service but also a name that fits the main topic very well. And although I might be a little bit biased, I can tell you that FAD turned out absolutely stunning. We’ve incorporated over 1,000 fashion terms so far and work on more every day. To create an efficient and simple search experience, we divided all contents up into 21 main categories so you can narrow down your search by categories. FAD allows you to browse your history and flag favorite terms you might need constantly. And our instant search will give you term suggestions while typing.

    iOS Fashion Dictionarly, Fashion Dictionary App, iPad Fashion Dictionary

    What are the main advantages of the ultimate Fashion Dictionary App

    Since you are still reading, I guess you’d like to know even more about the advantages of FAD. Ok, here are the main features our baby will serve you with:

    – More than 1,000 fashion terms
    – Instant Search
    Runs Offline – no internet connection required
    – 21 main categories make it easy to navigate
    Related Articles give further browsing suggestions
    – Particular terms can be added to your „Favorites
    – All contents are shareable through Social Media and Messages

    Where to get FAD

    If you think that this all sounds awesome and wondering where to get FAD, no worries, here are the directions. FAD is available on the iTunes App-Store. Right now, the service is optimized for iPhones and iPods only – but we already working on a version for other Apple devices as well. It’s priced for an awesome $2.99 which we consider a pretty fair deal compared to the amount a printed edition costs you. Even the smallest Fashion Dictionaries you’ll find on amazon at least triple that price.

    iOS Fashion Dictionary, iPhone Fashion Dictionary, iPad Fashion Dictionary, The ultimate Fashion Dictionary

    We already have some more features in the pipeline and work on making the FAD experience even better. Stay tuned for more to come on this topic and let us know what you think about FAD. We are always keen on getting some reviews – positive and negative. Wanna challenge us? Drop us a line at and we are more than happy to dive into a detailed discussion on any suggestion you might have.

    See for yourself that FAD is truly the ultimate Fashion Dictionary around and we promise it will help you to speak fashion even more fluently. That being said I hope you like the service as much as we do.

    Fashionable feedback is always appreciated,

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    16 Antworten zu “FAD: The ultimate Fashion Dictionary”

    1. Jennifer M. sagt:

      Great! Love the content and the design. My favorite designer is missing though – A Detacher;-)

    2. Cara Partol sagt:

      Very useful, awesome!:)

    3. Laila R. sagt:

      LOVE IT!!!! Thank you guys!!!

    4. Anna Smith sagt:

      I’m a student at Parsons and really was waiting for such a fashion dic app. Downloaded it today. Great app!!!!

    5. Maureen Carrol sagt:

      thank you speakfashion for the app! it’s really great and soooo cool you can use it even without an internet connection!!! love it:)

    6. Emily Sanders sagt:

      Nice! Couldn’t find Reiss from London… Could you please add it?

    7. Natascha K. sagt:

      WOW!!!! I usually don’t write any comments but I must say I really really love this app. I can use it on a daily basis – Thank you guys!!!

    8. Julia Anderson sagt:

      Just found out about it. Such a great app!

    9. Shelly sagt:

      I just can say WOW. Really helpful app for all fashion lovers.

    10. Maria Gracia sagt:

      Can you incorporate pictures at least for the more technical posts? That would be very helpful guys. But I love the app!!! And – great name. FAD – so cool!

    11. Katrina sagt:

      I would pay $20 for a version of this with images that I could use on my Mac desktop. Actually, the more comprehensive it is, possibly even incorporating great descriptives and modifiers, this could potentially be a $50 program. I am a fashion writer in dire need of such a program as long as the search results are fast and there are images.

    12. Pauline Cenders sagt:

      Great content. Love the app

    13. Cara Smith sagt:

      Hello my friends – so excited. Great dic!!! Nice design guys

    14. Bobby G. sagt:

      very good information. great one!

    15. Annabelle Harrison sagt:

      Finally an app that I can use to get really important and technique information for my studies!!! thank you guys

    16. Tony B. sagt:

      Awesome app!