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    FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary App: Go digital!

    It’s up to you if you still want to stick with the huge analog fashion dictionary book or if you rather go digital with the first comprehensive iPhone app: FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary.

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    FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dic App: How it works

    I can tell you that FAD turned out absolutely stunning. We’ve incorporated over 1,000 fashion terms so far and work on more every day. To create an efficient and simple search experience, we divided all contents up into 21 main categories so you can narrow down your search by categories. FAD allows you to browse your history and flag favorite terms you might need constantly. And our instant search will give you term suggestions while typing. Here is where you’ll get FAD: Now available on the iTunes App-Store.

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    2 Kommentare zu “FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary App: Go digital!”

    1. Sarah Mendes sagt:

      Love it! And it works also offline, that’s the best.

    2. Ana C. sagt:

      Wow, that’s really really such a great app! My sister just recommended it to me. I’m a fashion student and can really need it. Thank you!!!!