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    Fashion Backstage: Speaking Fashion with Jeremy Lindberg of agent 011

    Jeremy Lindberg is the owner of agent 011 showroom in New York City. Headquartered in the middle of SoHo, Lindberg’s team retails fashion to department stores such as Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. Founded in 2005 agent 011 is one of the most successful retailers in the field of fashion BtoB sales. The showroom carries brands like Ruthi Davis, Fenton & Fallon or S.W.O.R.D.

    Speak Fashion talks with Lindberg about the difference between trend and fashion, the future perspective of online sales and why the missing intellectual property in fashion doesn’t really matter.

    Speaking Fashion with Jeremy Lindberg of agent 011 from Speak Fashion on Vimeo.

    Thumb through the Video
    Don’t have the time to see the entire interview? Just browse through. Below we emphasize the most remarkable quotes.

    “Imitation is a sincerious form of flattery.” [05:40]

    “The missing intellectual property in fashion doesn’t really matter because at the time the copies come out, a true designer has moved on.” [06:30]

    “There is a big difference between trend and fashion.” [07:23]

    “In comparison with the last years fashion is getting more and more tangible.” [09:05]

    “In a future perspective online flash sales will be both, a blessing and a curse.” [09:44]

    “Designers can absolutely be successful only retailing online.” [13:09]

    Catch up with agent 011
    agent 011 – NYC Headquater

    42 Greene Street Loft #4 // New York, NY 10013

    P: 212.334.5802 // Email to Jeremy Lindberg

    W: // View it on google maps.

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