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    Latest Fashion News: Couture isn’t dead

    „It’s been an excellent year for couture„, Dior CEO Sidney Toledano told WWD Magazine. The fact that the economic crises is over now, causes the American clients to return to the couture shows. Due to the demands Dior has doubled their guest list for its Spring/Summer 2011 couture show, held yesterday in a giant tent behind the Musée Rodin in Paris. The collection includes dresses made with five layers of tulle, full-pleated skirts, puffed jackets and a few dresses with fabric draped from front to back.

    The entire presentation seemed bigger than ever and was „so big,“ Cathy Horyn writes for the New York Times , „you could have run three men’s shows simultaneously.“

    Armani’s chairman John Hooks says that new clients in Russia and countries in the Middle East also influences the sales on couture. The Armani Prive show in Dubai for instance „had a dramatic effect on sales of couture in the region“ and has had a 45% increase in 2010, he says. Hooks is also convinced that „Couture is following the current pattern of all trade in the fashion business – emerging markets are growing faster than the established ones.“

    The couture house Chanel is also considering to have some couture shows in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing „because the customers are not always coming to Paris, we need to go to them“, said Chanel’s president of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky.

    Obviously, haute couture wasn’t dead it is only back from a deep sleep. Thank God!

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