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    New York Fashion Week: Nomia Fall 2012 Presentation

    Last night we attended the Nomia Fall 2012 presentation which took place at „The Box“ at Lincoln Center in New York.

    The focus of Nomia’s collection was to show the chic, sophisticated and empowered woman. Yara Flinn, Nomia’s head designer therefore was showing a lot of classy dresses – long sleeved, without sleeves and sometimes with a finishing on the top that looked like a blouse. There were just a few leather jackets, two very sexy, seethrough leggings and even a slouchy, trendy pants in her collection. I would have loved to see more of these egdy designs which in my opinion would have made the collection much more outstanding.
    The color palette was actually great – she used a lot of different colors like beige, red, olive green, blue and even pink which coddled up the too classy designs.

    Curious to see her Fall 2012 designs?

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    3 Antworten zu “New York Fashion Week: Nomia Fall 2012 Presentation”

    1. Magan Brehant sagt:

      I actually like the classy styles. I don’t like to be the looker on the streets.

    2. Anne Posen sagt:

      I agree with you Nadia – it’s also too classy for me!

    3. Catherine Cruiz sagt:

      I don’t know. Usually I’m not a huge fan of classic styles but believe it or not I did like Nomia’s presentation. I was there too.