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    Latest Fashion News: Lanvin to Collaborate with H&M

    Swedish fast fashion house H&M has been working with guest high-end fashion designers since 2004. The fast fashion retailer has 1,100 stores in 21 countries and is widely known for bringing runway-fresh looks to retail at very affordable price points. The intention of making clothes available to the thousands of people who can’t afford to shop at their favorite high-fashion designer is the idea behind the collaborations.

    Lanvin for H&M

    German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was the first one who had made an one-time collection with 30 pieces for H&M in November 2004. At that time he explained in an interview with the retailer that ‘design is very important, and certainly not a question of price anymore.’

    Since then other exclusive collections of famous high-end fashion designers had come out one after another: Stella McCarney in 2005, Roberto Cavalli in 2007, Jimmy Choo in 2009, only to mention a few.
    The good news is that the fast fashion retailer now will meet French fashion house Lanvin with a 30-piece-collection which will go on sale on November 23rd ,2010. And for those of you who want to hear why Lanvin’s creative fashion director Alber Elbaz did it with H&M, we’d suggest to take a sneak peek at the video below.

    If you are curious about the collection and want to see more of it, please stop by at

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    5 Kommentare zu “Latest Fashion News: Lanvin to Collaborate with H&M”

    1. Teresa sagt:

      I can’t believe it!!! I’m a fan of speak fashion on facebook and I just saw your post. I love Lanvin and I can’t wait to shop his pieces at H&M. Thank you so much for letting me know!!!!

    2. phillip smith sagt:

      I’m so glad Lanvin also designs men’s wear. See you hopefully at H&M!

    3. Joseph Kim sagt:

      YES, I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Glad he offers men’s clothes as well.

    4. Simo sagt:

      La collection de Lanvin pour H&M a vrniemat l’air TOP . J’espe8re juste avoir le temps de pouvoir voir e7a de pre8s .Ce qui n’est vrniemat pas sfbr ^^Jolie blog en tout cas . A tre8s vite j’espe8re

    5. Anuj sagt:

      I absolutely love the reflfud black dress with pearls. It has a touch of the 30s, but the belt makes it quite modern. Very nice. I look forward to seeing the rest!