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    New York Fashion Week: Toni Francesc’s Fall 2011 Runway Show

    It was a quarter after 9 pm last Saturday night when the volcano has erupted. Scientists all over the world were already aware of its fire spitting activity since 2008 when the volcano erupted the first time in New York. But this time its energy was more massive and powerful than anybody had expected. Although its activity wasn’t triggered by Mother Nature this time. It was a creation of the Fashion-Phoenix who isn’t anybody else than Fashion Designer Toni Francesc.

    Toni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 CollectionToni Francesc - Fall 2011 Collection

    The Spanish Designer picked the motif of a mythical bird named ‚GARUDA‘ for his Fall / Winter collection 2011. Garuda is the counterpart of the Phoenix in the Indonesian mythology. And you could truly tell about his inspiration after watching the runway show.

    The entire collection plays with vivid and numinous colors, especially the skillful use of the intense orange, gold and red are the focus of the collection. The epiphany of the Phoenix is shown in the energy of the fire which transforms in ash, demonstrated in gray and black colors, fabrics and silhouettes. GARUDÀ’s very straight, clear and elegant look reflects in its garments, all shown in precious silks and wools.

    It’s been surely not the last time that the Spanish Fashion volcano showed its activity to the astound audience. Toni Francesc will probably be back soon since he started his next 500 year life circle just hours ago.

    Phoenix: A mythical bird

    Phoenix is a fire spitting bird with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. The figure from the Greek mythology has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle. After his death he is reduced to ash, from which a new, young phoenix arises. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. Its ability to be reborn from its own ashes implies that the new phoenix is immortal and the offspring of the older one. The bird is therefore a metaphor for rebirth, innovation and a steady evolvement of the status quo.

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    12 Antworten zu “New York Fashion Week: Toni Francesc’s Fall 2011 Runway Show”

    1. Daniela sagt:

      What an amazing show! Can’t wait to see the video!!

    2. jennifer partoll sagt:

      this looks fabulous! Way to go Nadia


    3. Sofia Jean sagt:

      wow! I love the colors!!!! Nice to see that we also can wear warm and colorful things in the winter – I LOVE IT!!!!

    4. Klara Smith sagt:

      I saw his New York runway show last year. I really love his style. It’s so wearable and sophisticated at the same time. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. Great article by the way!

    5. Ella sagt:

      Sweet, this is exactly what I was scanning for! The post just saved me alot of searching around

      I’ll make certain to put this in good use!

    6. Joe Harrison sagt:

      Nicely done my friend. Keep it up speakfashion!

    7. Lebanoclegi sagt:

      Hello, awesome post. Love a lot. cheers.

    8. Isabela Arestigi sagt:

      OMG!!! His clothes are soooo beautiful!!!! I saw his show in Madrid and I really love his designs.

    9. Depilacja Poznat sagt:

      I saw him in Mexico a couple of days ago. Awesome designer!

    10. Luigi Fulk sagt:

      Verry nice blog and useful! I love the interviews!!!

    11. Anna Cardinas sagt:

      Well done. The Phoenix is definitely still alive;-) Nice

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