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    The Top 10 Fashion Blogs

    Where do you get your daily fashion news from? We’d like to introduce you to our top 10 fashion blogs.

    In case you are missing one of your favorites or would love to dive deeper into the realm of fashion blogs a bit deeper, check out FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary. Our very own iPhone Fashion App lists all notable fashion blogs in great detail.

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    1_A Continuous Lean

    A Continuous Lean is an American lifestyle blog covering anything from interior to fashion design. Their motto: Keep it simple. More good, less bad.

    2_Daily Candy

    DailyCandy, online fashion site. It delivers their reader’s the best in style, fashion, food and fun for free via email, video, and the Web. It is a unit of Comcast Interactive Media and distributes 3 million email subscriptions via 28 editions, including 13 daily editions covering New York, Los Angeles, London, only to name a few.

    Fashionista, fashion blog, founded in 2007. Fashionista is one of the most popular and influential fashion blogs in the world. The website features fashion news from the streets and runways as well as interviews with the most important names in the business. Also featured are articles about big fashion brands, events and trends in the world of fashion. Fashionista is a guide for successful living in the fashion-world.

    4_Les Mads

    Les Mads, German fashion blog, founded by Jessica Weiss and Julia Knolle in 2007. The editors are writing about fashion, models, trends, outfits, lifestyle, music and photography either directly at their office in Berlin, from home or around the world from Paris, London or Milan only to give their devotees a huge variety of sophisticated fashion news.

    5_Modeopfer 110

    Modeopfer110, German online fashion blog, founded by Anja Steffen and Berit Mueller. The online fashion magazine provides readers with insights on contemporary fashion labels, up and coming trends and general industry news. The platforms mission is to educate fashion lovers in Germany on a variety of fashion related topics as well as to provide them with sophisticated style advice. The name ‘Modeopfer 110′ is German and literally translates into English as something like ‘fashion victim 911′.


    Refinery29, fashion and lifestyle blog, created in 2004. Refinery29 is the biggest independent fashion and style website in the US with over 30 Mio. annual visitors and over 10 Mio. followers on twitter and facebook. Aimed at stylish and creative women, the website features columns about fashion, beauty, living, news and shopping. Readers can find ‘tips and tricks for a more beautiful life’. Refinery29 has been featured in magazines such as New York Times, WWD and Vogue., fashion website, launched in 2000. The former online website for Vogue magazine provides their readers with fashion topics such as fashion news, fashion trends, or simply just posts fashion-show photos. Its editor-in-chief is Dirk Standen and since 2010, is published by the Fairchild Fashion Group.

    8_The Cut

    The Cut is a fashion weblog run by The New York Magazine. It features general industry news as well as the latest trends in the world of fashion. Its current editor in chief is Amy Odell.

    9_The Man Repeller

    The Man Repeller, fashion blog, founded in 2010 by Leandra Medine. The Man Repeller is a blog that features fashion news, trends, inspirations and more, all posted with a lot of humor. The name ‘The Man Repeller’ comes from what women love in fashion and men hate. What started as a hobby for Leandra Medine soon became a huge success in the world of fashion blogging. She won different awards for her blog and Forbes ranked her among the ’30 under 30 most influential’. Medine has close to 300,000 followers on instagram and boasts 2.6 mio. page views per month. The blogger loves the world of fashion, but knows not to take it too seriously, which she shows in her blog and has led to her large following.

    10_The Sartorialist

    The Sartorialist, fashion blog, founded 2005 by Scott Schuman. Schuman started working in the fashion business as a salesman, before he decided to quit his job in 2005 and started posting photographs of well dressed people on the streets of New York on his blog. He was the first to post fashion photography on a fashion blog and eventually set a huge trend. Soon Schuman started to write for Vogue and Interview Magazine and had his own page in GQ every month. With growing popularity that shows in up to 13Mio visitors per month on his website, Schuman has signed advertising contracts with different fashion companies such as Gap, DKNY and Burberry for which he shot a very successful campaign “The Art of Trench”.

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