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    The Top 7 Fashion Accessories

    If you want to dress-up your outfit you are going to need accessories. But which one’s are our favorites? Have a look!

    In case you are missing one of your favorites or would love to dive deeper into the realm of fashion accessories a bit deeper, check out FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary. Our very own iPhone Fashion App lists all notable accessories in great detail.

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    A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist or lower arm or ankle. It usually consists of a band or chain and can be made out of nearly any material including plastic, pearls and other gems. Bracelets are one of the oldest kinds of jewelry and were very popular in ancient Egypt 5000BCE. Some Bracelets are worn for fashionable others for religious reasons. In ancient Egypt people wore bracelets decorated with scarab bugs which were symbolic for rebirth. Bulgarians tie white and red strings around their wrists hoping for an earlier spring.

    2_Cloche Hat

    ‘Cloche’ is the French word for ‘bell’ in English. Style-wise the hat holds up to his distinctive name, appearing in a bell-shaped, tight fitted design. Invented in 1908 by french designer Caroline Reboux the famous hat became especially popular during the 1920s, and continued to be commonly seen until about 1933. Today, the cloche hat can be counted in on the list of famous fashion classics.


    A clutch is a small, rectangular-shaped evening handbag. Clutches do not have any handles attached which makes them a very elegant and chic fashion accessory.


    Handbag is another name for a woman’s purse that is either held in the hand or hung from the shoulder on a strap. Handbags are medium to large and are used for carrying around small personal belongings such as wallet, keys, phone and cosmetics. The name ‘handbag’ was first used in the 1900s men’s luggage after women’s purses had become popular as a fashion item. In the 17th century girls started making their own purses for carrying coins and were made of soft fabric or leather. After the industrial revolution when traveling in trains became more common new kinds of baggage were needed for women to carry their necessaries. Wealthy men started requesting leather bags for their wives that would match their suitcases. H.J. Cave was the first designer to produce luxury handbags and soon all designers started featuring handbags in their collections which are now some of the best selling items for the brands.


    Jewelry is the word used for small objects often of materialistic or personal value worn on the body or clothes as embellishment. Typical jewelry is rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The oldest jewelry found is over 100.000 years old and was made of shells. Today, the typical materials for jewelry are metal and metal alloys decorated with precious gem-stones such as diamonds but also glass, bones, pearls and ivory. The metals gold, platinum, titanium, silver and bronze are most popular for jewelry. Jewelry can be worn for religious reasons such as the Christian cross or the Jewish David star, to show social status or wealth, affiliation with a social group or for functional reasons such as broaches or buckles.


    A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck and usually consists of a chain, band or cord that is decorated with at least one ornament. Colorful stones, gems, shells, glass, gold and silver are only some of the materials ornaments worn around the neck can be made of. If a necklace has one primary hanging ornament it is called a pendant. If this pendant is a container it is called a locket. Necklaces are one of the oldest kinds of jewelry which are over 40.000 years old. In the stone ages they were made of natural substances such as stones, shells and bones. In the bronze age people started making gold, silver and platinum jewelry and the variety of jewelry grew fast. There are many different styles of necklaces that differ by the materials used, length and width.


    A scarf is a long rectangular or triangular piece of fabric that is worn around the neck either for warmth, religion or fashion. First worn in ancient Rome by soldiers that used them to wipe off sweat and dirt, scarves have been in fashion especially amongst women ever since. In the 18th and 19th century, scarves became a fashion accessory and were worn by men and women. Today, scarves are still a crucial part of fashion. Scarves are made of cashmere, wool, silk and fleece and can be dyed and printed with different colors and designs, which may have meanings such as scarves worn at English schools and clubs for identification.

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