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    Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #30 – Lindley Arnoldy

    Look at this beautiful Alexander McQueen coat that Lindley Arnoldy was wearing a couple of days ago when we meet her in SoHo. The writer of her own blog “The Flip Side” chose the perfect streetstyle for a chilly day in Manhattan. The fur hat matched her wool sweater and she decided to put on these nice leather leggings. Of course her outfit wouldn’t have been completed without her vintage Chanel handbag as an accessory. Well done Lindley!

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    2 Kommentare zu “Streetstyle New York: Dress of the week #30 – Lindley Arnoldy”

    1. Marietta sagt:

      good blog mate & nice outfit lindsey

    2. mike sagt:

      What beautful pierutcs! I also took many streetstyle pierutcs but in contrast to you I have to work much at the quality. If you have, I m interested in seeing more Streetstyle photos from