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    Streetstyle Berlin: Dress of the week #56 – Tobi Olayinka

    März 12th, 2013

    Tobi’s hairstyle was just amazing. It reminded me a bit of Margre Simpson only more fashionable! He was wearing a baggy 3/4 pants made by himself and a long military-style double breasted coat along with Marton boots. I really liked his outfit – it was definitely something you wouldn’t see so often.

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    Berlin Fashion Week: Marcel Ostertag & holyGhost Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Show

    Januar 23rd, 2013

    Marcel Ostertag Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Show

    The Munich-based fashion designer Marcel Ostertag brought us back to the “modern” 80′s. Bold printed designs, a lot of colors and sparkle dominated his newest collection. The best part was the end: the designer himself was walking down the runway in his womenswear designs with high heels, long hair and a beard. Too bad that this highlight didn’t come as a surprise.

    holyGhost Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Show

    It was only 2010, when the trio Sedina Halilovic, Ivana Bogicevic and Jelena Radovanovic founded their fashion label holyGhost in Munich, Germany. “Holy” to them is their friendship, ingenious their function. The newest collection was interpreted with harmony, exciting silhouettes and extravagant details. Very simple but also special somehow.

    BOLD: Array of colorful original prints // Beautiful maxi dresses // Clean cuts OLD: Too simple // Very expected collection // Nothing exciting

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    Berlin Fashion Week: Dimitri Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Show

    Januar 22nd, 2013

    Dimitri’s Runway Show last Wednesday was our favorite at Berlin Fashion Week. His perfect sense for combining harmony, romantic and styling with sophisticated tailoring was amazing to watch. The Italian-based designer remained true to his trademark: the silhouette in his designs were very feminine and clean.

    Dimitri Fall/Winter 2013 Runway Show

    BOLD: Nice color combination // Beautiful coats // Lovely clean silhouettes  OLD: Highlight design was missing // A bit too feminine

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