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    Kimono Sleeve

    September 9th, 2014

    A kimono sleeve is a boxy sleeve that is sewn in one piece with the bodice of the same piece of fabric. The kimono sleeve originated in the traditional Japanese dress – the kimono. The kimono sleeve reached its height in popularity during World War II when Asian fashion had become widespread in Europe. Today, kimono sleeves are not as common as they used to be but are still used in fashion.


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    Angel Sleeve

    Januar 13th, 2014

    An angel sleeve is a sleeve that is created with an excessive amount of fabric that make the sleeves look wing-like when the arms are spread. Angel sleeves can reach anywhere from right below the elbow to covering the entire hand. Since the end of the Middle Ages, angel sleeves have not been considered very fashionable but are still occasionally used in modern mens and womenswear. College graduates for example wear robes with angel sleeves and the popular kimono sleeve is also a type of an angel sleeve.


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