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    The Top 7 Knitting Styles

    Oktober 16th, 2015

    Do you like knitted designs? Well, we do and here are our favorites.

    In case you are missing one of your favorites or would love to dive deeper into the realm of knitting styles a bit deeper, check out FAD – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary. Our very own iPhone Fashion App lists all notable knitting styles in great detail.

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    1_Bias Knitting

    Bias knitting is a type of knitting characterized by the grain running diagonally instead of vertically. This way the fabrics structural elasticity is highest horizontally.

    2_Bobble Knitting

    Bobble knitting is a type of knitting that incorporates “bobbles” or round elevations into the knitted fabric. Stitches are increased within a single stitch to create this structural effect.

    3_Circular Knitting

    Circular knitting is a type of knitting used to create a seamless tube of knitted fabric. When knitted by hand this technique requires four needles or special circular knitting needles, which are two short needles connected by a plastic cable. Circular knitting is typically used for sweaters, mittens and socks.

    4_Double Knitting

    Double knitting is a knitting technique that produces two or more knitted fabrics simultaneously on a single needle. These fabrics may be connected such as interlock fabrics, but can also be separable. Connected double-knitted fabrics are thick and could have uncommon color designs.

    5_English Knitting

    English knitting, also known as right-hand-knitting is a common type of knitting, where the yarn to be knit is led with the right hand. The knitted fabric is very similar to fabrics produced with continental knitting. The stitches are not twisted which makes it somewhat looser than continental knit fabrics.

    6_Faggoting Knitting

    Faggoting knitting is a type of lace knitting used to create a very loose and airy fabric with a honeycomb structure.

    7_Warp Knitting

    Warp knitting is a type of knitting characterized by a zigzag structure along the length of the fabric. The fabric is created by leading yarns lengthwise towards the bottom of the fabric, interlocking with the yarns of the adjacent vertical rows, whereas weft knitting is done horizontally. A separate yarn is required for each row, therefore it is difficult to knit by hand. Warp knitted fabrics are resistant to runs and can easily be sewn.

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