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    Juni 21st, 2013

    A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck and usually consists of a chain, band or cord that is decorated with at least one ornament. Colorful stones, gems, shells, glass, gold and silver are only some of the materials ornaments worn around the neck can be made of. If a necklace has one primary hanging ornament it is called a pendant. If this pendant is a container it is called a locket. Necklaces are one of the oldest kinds of jewelry which are over 40.000 years old. In the stone ages they were made of natural substances such as stones, shells and bones. In the bronze age people started making gold, silver and platinum jewelry and the variety of jewelry grew fast. There are many different styles of necklaces that differ by the materials used, length and width.


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    Fashion Accessory: Fiona Paxton Necklace

    November 14th, 2011

    Must have: Fiona Paxton’s hand-beaded silver coloured metal chain TRINA necklace!  You can wear it on top of every outfit. It has a beautiful drape and is definitely soft to wear on the skin, promise. And we also have some good news for all our Fiona Paxton fans: our next post will be a pair of her matching earrings, stay tuned!

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    Fashion Accessory: A dream of a necklace

    September 15th, 2010

    Dana Lorenz, the jewelry designer of Fenton/Fallon features hand-assembled glass pearls and glass crystals in a brass ox-plated brass casting with handmade copper ox-plated, worn hematite-plated and brass ox-plated brass chains. Don’t worry, the picture below shows you exactly how Dana’s beautiful necklace looks like. You can get it at J. Crew for only $ 195,-. Isn’t it affordable for a change?



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