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    Latest Fashion News: Natalie Massenet resigns from Net-a-Porter

    September 3rd, 2015

    Net-a-Porter founder and chairman Natalie Massenet has resigned from the online fashion retailer, ahead of its planned merger with Italian rival Yoox. After founding the leading e-tailer 15 years ago, Mrs. Massenet wants to explore new ideas and opportunities. Massenet’s departure comes as the company she created prepares to merge with Italian rival Yoox SpA. The entrepreneur leaves with more than $153 million after selling shares in Net-a-Porter and won’t be on board of the combined company, a spokesperson of Yoox said.

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    Source of the picture: BOF – The Business of Fashion

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    Fashion is Dead. Long live Fashion

    Oktober 20th, 2014

    Fashion trends are getting more and more tangible for a broader audience. Fast fashion styles are certainly the most influential evolution the fashion industry has ever had to deal with. The given scenario separates fashion peers all over the world. Fashion is dead say some. Fashion is in the process of inventing itself anew say others. Which side of the fence do you sit on?

    Don’t wanna read the entire article? Just tune in on Jeremy Lindbergs video interview. The NYC showroom owner explains the changes the fashion industry has gone through lately and how it is going to further evolve.

    High Fashion is getting tangible
    How ‘trend’ differs from ‘fashion’ is the most crucial question for those trying to understand the contemporary development in the fashion industry and therefore to predict the future of fashion. Especially since high-end fashion is not untouchable anymore. It’s actually constantly surrounding us due to hundreds of online fashion retailers such as ‘Gilt Groupe’ or ‘net-a-porter’ just to name the most popular. Each style invented in any part of the world can be seen instantly. Fashion is not a matter of location anymore. Contemporary fashion is accessible all over the globe whether you are living in a major city or somewhere out in the boonies. That’s one of the huge changes the industry has to struggle with. It’s certainly a blessing for the consumer. But how does it affect fashion designers?

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    Young Fashion Designers benefit from the Change in Fashion
    What caters to the masses doesn’t make it necessarily easier for industry workers. Fast fashion retailers literally force designers to be very quick in designing and inventing clothes. The workflow in designing clothes in a seasonal cycle becomes diluted. Designers have to produce more styles and looks than they has been used to. This obviously leads to the point that industry peers have to tighten up their creative process to serve the given time frame. In order to do that, the design process becomes sort of an assembly line and this definitely leads to the question: Doesn’t a tighter time frame lack quality? Yes, it does. And no it doesn’t, depending on what the industry is going to project from this change. It’s the same question the media business has had to deal with over a decade ago and somehow is still looking for an answer. It is possible to provide a certain quality even if you have to deal with a narrow timeframe and less of a budget. You just have to tweak the approach. If you are not willing to take that chance – and it is definitely a chance, especially for young designers – you can’t compete in this industry anymore. While more fashion retailers serve a broader audience, the price range decreases. And lower retail prices force designers to reduce labor and raw material costs. The naked truth is: Fashion Designers all over the world have to produce more designs in less time for lower prices. That’s a challenge – for sure. But it is an opportunity too.

    Customers want to be taken seriously
    But not only is fashion design more tangible. The industry has to deal with well informed and interested customers who already play a key role in the development of contemporary fashion. The customers’ personal opinion is already part of the designers finding-process. Fashion and therefore fashion design is not the black box it used to be. The growth of the internet and the social media movement certainly contributes to that. Especially for the independent designers it’s going to be a key issue to evolve and maintain a close relationship to their potential clients. In the future, a fashion designer will only be successful when he can manage the balancing act of influencing people and staying tangible at the same time. Customers want to be taken seriously. They want to be sure that their opinion is going to be considered. In return, they are willing to pay a price that’s above average. Although it will definitely not be the same amounts designers were used to cashing in on in the past. However, only the relationship to a loyal but interested customer will assure future success. Although the prices for individual and fashionable clothes won’t be in the same range they were years ago, fashion designers will always have a clientele that’s willing to pay for high-end craftsmanship and offbeat design. Fortunately, there are too many fashion lovers amongst us that will appreciate high-end fashion for good.

    Fast Fashion vs. High Fashion: There is room for both
    We have to face the fact that fashion is part of our accelerating world and therefore evolves more quickly than it did years ago. The huge demand on expensive and exclusive luxury goods still exists. Fashion isn’t dead. But it has received company from something we call fast fashion. Something that caters to the idea of fashion with one exception: Quality. And therefore fast fashion can only be a substitute for those who can’t afford high-end fashion or actually aren’t interested in quality products. “Different customers have different needs” summarizes Michael Tien, chairman of work-wear retailer G2000, the development. Everyone is looking for his own well-being. “The buying behavior has simply changed.”

    The fact of the matter is that the majority of the world’s population belongs to the middle and upper middle income class. Consumers are fashion conscious and price sensitive at the same time. Due to the unprecedented changes, the fashion industry has to respond to both, market changes and consumer preferences. The undoubted pioneer of the fast fashion concept is Spanish clothing retailer Zara with its 4,780 stores in 77 countries. Their new lines are being shipped into the stores twice a week which ensures that customers always find new fashion items every time they visit the store. That’s the reason why fast fashion had simultaneously become incredibly attractive and essential to the public. But while the middle class is rather on the hunt for reasonable fast fashion offers, the huge demand for expensive and exclusive luxury goods still exists for more affluent parts of society.

    The bottom line is: Fast fashion has not killed Couture and never will. Fashion is not dead at all. Rather than focus on what was better in the past, we should look to see what we can gain from the future. The fashion industry has just moved forward. There is nothing to worry about. Fashion was what it was in the olden days, is what it is today, and will be something different in the future. And quite frankly: Isn’t that exactly what we are looking for?



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    Fashion Style Tip: Shop the look – Karl Lagerfeld

    April 9th, 2012

    Girls, this is going to be the perfect after-dark look. Shop the entire Karl Lagerfeld look at net-a-porter. KARL’s cool black leather skirt along with this shimmering silver silk-blend crepe, these leather wedge sandals and on top put on KARL’s biker jacket to give this classic style a modern lift.

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    Fashion Accessory: Micky Maus

    November 18th, 2011

    Approach the cold weather in style with Karl Donoghue’s black brushed-leather and shearling earmuffs. It’s just a cozy and luxurious fashion accessory, so make it a final addition to any winter outfit.

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    Fashion Style Tip: Baby jump!

    Oktober 31st, 2011

    Theory’s ruched cotton and modal-blend jumpsuit is a chic update of an iconic ‘70s style. Black is the perfect backdrop for bold fashion accessories, so team this all-in-one with a statement necklace like our Fenton/Fallon piece and colored pumps or booties like Giuseppe Zanotti’s for an eye-catching evening look. Grab also a little short leather jacket like our Bebe one on top of it and you’ll perfectly dressed for the “colder” autumn weather.

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    Fashion Accessory: Go purple

    Oktober 7th, 2011

    Marc by Marc Jacobs gives a ladylike design a signature playful spin with this purple tote. Style it with a sharp blazer and color-pop shorts.

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    Fashion Style Tip: Mini Leather Skirt

    August 16th, 2011

    The FW11 runways were awash with Western influences, and Michael Kors‘ fringed leather mini skirt is a playful way to work the trend. Team it with a python-print blouse and raffia wedges for Americana-inspired chic.

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    Fashion Style Tip: Lady in black

    April 7th, 2011

    I don’t know how you feel about this weird weather outside at least in New York but this black off-the-shoulder dress with its exposed tanks would be perfect to wear for now. Don’t you think? Wear it with lace-up ankle boots and a classic bag for a day-to-night dressing. Combine it with a catchy bracelet and your outfit is a chic contemporary way to work an LBD.

    speakfashion, speak fashion, eyecatcher, net-a-porter, shoulder dress,

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    Latest Fashion News: Fashion meets Crowdsourcing at DLD Conference

    Januar 24th, 2011

    We just stumbled on a very interesting and informative panel interview with Natalie Massenet, founder of online luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter, Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Adviser of H&M and Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU, moderated by Fashion Editor for the Financial Times, Vanessa Friedman.  The Fashion Panel was all about the use of crowdsourcing for fashion brands, focused on the question if customers still want to follow the strong given fashion-trends from their retailer or rather prefer bringing in their own ideas and fashion designs somehow.

    Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet especially relies on the different opportunities of customization. She was talking about the possibility to reorder things out of former collections, the huge choice of different fashion items and a better predictability of sales. Massenet also talked about the online retailers future plans. She will have an online platform called Net-a-Porter Live, on which her customers can communicate with each other. It is planed that they will be able to see who’s online, what they put in their baskets and what advice they’ll give to each other in real time.

    Margareta van den Bosch of H&M is convinced that it has to be a little bit of both: the designers or companies ideas/invention as well as including the customers desires as good as possible. That’s why she proudly revealed to be the first company to produce a collection with a Swedish fashion blogger right now.

    Scott Galloway of New York University on the other hand is an advocate of crowd sourced marketing and therefore doesn’t see crowd sourcing as a huge field for luxury brands to soon. He is convinced that a lot of the brands have to learn first how to include the social media aspect correctly to communicate with their customers actually. Galloway claimed the user reviews are the most successful tool to mounting sales on the website. As long as the negative reviews only make up between 5 and 15 percent, the sales go up, because the negative reviews give credence to the positive ones. Galloway also added: “The biggest success comes from those who trust themselves and ignore customer preferences for their own vision – for example Steve Jobs.”



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    Massenet, Natalie

    Juni 10th, 2010

    Natalie Massenet, American entrepreneur and founder of online retailer Net-à-Porter, born in 1965. Massenet started her career in fashion as a fashion editor for WWD magazine in 1993 before launching her own e-commerce website in 2000. Today, Net-a-Porter is the world largest London and United Kingdom-based luxury clothing and accessories online retailer. The stand-alone website for style-hungry men Mr. Porter is a similar website and was also invented by Massenet.



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