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    Latest Fashion News: Enjoy the Fashion Bay

    August 2nd, 2010

    Companies like Net-a-porter, Gilt group or Piperlime are already offering their apparel online. That’s nothing new anymore. But world’s largest online shopping and auction company eBay just came out with a very cutting edge fashion application for the iPhone.

    Since ebay became the largest online retailer for apparel, with a revenue of more than $5 billion last year, they were considering a new way to provide their customers with an easy shopping tool. That’s why eBay decided to offer a fashion app for the iphone a couple of weeks ago. And it works! eBay’s fashion application has been downloaded 10 million times. Amongst others the very contemporary app features a virtual-style gallery of the latest trends and a personal closet where favorite outfits can be stored.

    What are you waiting for? Off to the fashion bay.

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    Latest Fashion News: Gentlemen’s Agreement

    Juni 2nd, 2010

    Net-a-Porter is already known as the world’s premier online luxury fashion retailer – apparently for women. But what’s about the style-hungry gentlemen outside there who are accustomed to dress chic and fashionable? Isn’t there a way where they can spend their money in online fashion shops as well?

    Thankfully it is, Gentlemen. Net-a-Porter will add a stand-alone website called Mr. Porter this upcoming January. The new announced website will offer distinguish men’s clothing, accessories and shoes from over 60 brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and John Lobb. With a 24-7 service and a same day delivery, at least in Manhattan and London, Mr. Porter will have completely the same convenient service as its female counterpart. That’s great news, isn’t it? Against the usual fashion gossip it seems there is a real retail market for men’s fashion as well. “We’ve wanted to open an online men store for years but never felt it was the right time” Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-a-Porter just acknowledged in an interview with WWD Magazine. “But our customers were asking for this” and with Mr. Porter the company is following this desire now. And they might be right. ‘Cause what’s fact is that the average man doesn’t like it to browse around in different department stores and boutiques. He rather wants to find his clothes in a more convenient and faster way. The possibility to shop his stuff online seems to be a gorgeous opportunity though.

    If Mr. Porter will be one day as large as the women’s shopping site is questionable. Net-a-Porter’s database has currently 3 million unique users in 170 countries. But dreams are needed to get a contemporary set up for men’s fashion. And who knows, maybe Mr. Porter is the breakthrough for men’s online shopping.



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    Latest Fashion News: Wanna look like a celebrity?

    Mai 12th, 2010

    As we all know, fashion lovers have always scoured magazines about gossip and fashion to steal trendy ideas from the rich and famous. That’s fine. The only problem is that print magazines often list their store recommendations in a tiny print in the back of the gazette. And the reader is supposed to examine where to get the displayed dresses.

    That’s past now! The Internet makes it easier for readers to shop for their celebrities look. Fashion sites like JustJared, INFDaily or CelebStyle provide a service that leads you directly to a certain shopping site where you can buy the emphasized clothes. And that’s how it works: A photo strip shows the celebrity outfit. Another thumbnail area shows you every single piece of the celebrity look and links you to a particular online shopping site. One click later the item is on your cart and a few days later you are able to dress up like your role model.

    “This content format apparently gives us an advantage” Kathryn Finney says. She is founder of Simply Good Media and running four shopping Blogs at this time. Matter of fact it seems to be a good business. Companies like GumGum and Pixazza hire people to look at photos and match the displayed clothes with similar, more affordable items from retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Zappos. Meanwhile, the idea is attracting investors they are looking for a new way to advertise in that market.

    It looks like that celebrity look is obviously the future, isn’t it?



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