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    Platform Pumps

    Juni 21st, 2013

    Platform shoes in general are shoes with a thick sole of cork, rubber, plastic or wood and have been worn since ancient Greece. In Greece platform shoes were worn by actors and actresses playing important characters in the theater. Prostitutes in Venice and Greece wore platform shoes in the 16th century and in the 18th century Europeans and Japanese started wearing platform shoes when walking on the often very muddy streets. In Europe and the USA platform shoes became popular again in the 1930s and 50s but gained huge popularity in the 1960s and 80s. Now platform pumps come in all shapes and sizes and are especially popular in nightlife.


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    Fashion Style Tip: Elegant, modern & sexy

    Oktober 12th, 2010

    This affordable pair of high-heel has everything that you can imagine. Its edgy design could you wear whether for a night out or even for work. Michael Antonio’s shoes are widely known for women with different lifestyles, fashion sensibilities and most importantly, mindsets. You can buy them online on available in brown and black. Happy shopping!



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