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    September 12th, 2013

    Suspenders are two straps worn over the shoulders instead of a belt in order to hold up pants. They can be made out of leather or fabric, often combined with elastic material, are attached to the pants with clamps or buttons and can be worn in an X- or Y-shape. Invented by Albert Thurston in 1820 in England, suspenders have gone in and out of fashion multiple times. Worn under a jacket or waist coat suspenders are cut to be ‘invisible’ but are also worn as an accessory for example in the punk scene and on German ‘Lederhosen’. Generally today suspenders are mostly worn with tuxedo pants, which do not have any belt loops and therefore can’t be worn with a belt.


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    April 5th, 2010

    Fashion accessories are mostly decorative items that you adapt with your outfit, such as handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, gloves, hats, belts, watches, scarves, bow ties, neckties and suspenders, only to mention a few. Not only create accessories a particular look, add color, style and class to an outfit but they also have practical functions. Hats for instance protect the face from weather elements as rain or snow, gloves keep the hands in the winter time warm and handbags are also perfect for carrying around necessary items.



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