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    Juni 2nd, 2015

    A bag in the general sense is a malleable container used to carry or store items. In fashion bags have over time become an essential accessory and are offered by almost every fashion label in various designs. Most bags have remained functional storage items but can also be highly decorative and are made of different materials such as leather, rubber, plastic, cotton and metal to name a few. Bags are carried by men and women, though for most men the functional aspect of a bag is mandatory whereas women the decorative function may be the primary reason for carrying the bag.


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    Juni 21st, 2013

    Handbag is another name for a woman’s purse that is either held in the hand or hung from the shoulder on a strap. Handbags are medium to large and are used for carrying around small personal belongings such as wallet, keys, phone and cosmetics. The name ‘handbag’ was first used in the 1900s men’s luggage after women’s purses had become popular as a fashion item. In the 17th century girls started making their own purses for carrying coins and were made of soft fabric or leather. Read the rest of this entry


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    Juni 21st, 2013

    A tote is a type of large bag that is intended for shopping or used as a handbag and  usually has two parallel handles and no closure. Totes are made of durable fabric such as leather, plastic or durable cloth with handles and a bottom that are reinforced with even stronger material. Recently heavy nylon has become very popular as a material for totes as it is sturdy and easy to take care of. The name comes from the word tote which means to carry and was first used to describe this type of bag in the 1900s.


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    Fashion Accessory: Go purple

    Oktober 7th, 2011

    Marc by Marc Jacobs gives a ladylike design a signature playful spin with this purple tote. Style it with a sharp blazer and color-pop shorts.

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