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    Fashion Styleguide: Welcome Mrs. Unisex

    Februar 17th, 2011

    Don’t we all adore women who have the guts to combine retro with modern style skillfully? Isn’t it convenient somehow if you can mix clothes which looks worn but also very special and edgy with new seasonal items? The good news is, it really looks great if you know how to put different styles together. Let us define an appropriate nickname for all the women who love to wear uncomplicated and unisex. We’d like to introduce you to our next styleguide target group – ‘Excentrista‘.

    This styleguide will give you an idea how simple it is to look a little funky but still natural. First of all, grab a dark or stonewashed blue skinny jeans and combine it with a simple but hip-length short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-Shirt. I would prefer this T-Shirt above because of its restrained strips and little pocket which makes it more interesting. On top of it, it will always go with a nice, plain and casual nylon or black schoolboy blazer. Be aware to choose an eye-catcher that grabs the attention and will make your outfit perfect. The T-Shirt which could also be longer than the blazer is the looker in this case. But any outfit needs a great ‘bottom’ part. Finish your casual outfit with some military or worker boots and leave them a bit open, as you can see it in my picture above.

    That’s it for today, enjoy your look and talk to you soon again.

    This outfit piece by piece:

    #1 – Nylon schoolboy blazer – $148.00
    #2 – Edge mid-rise skinny slouch jeans – $102.50
    #3 – Kain striped modal-blend pocket T-shirt -$ 95.00
    #4 – Shearling Suede Military Boot – $200.00
    #5 – Fornarina Flat Worker Boots - $212.00



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